6th class online learning letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are aware that the coming weeks will be difficult for us all and are especially conscious that the closure of schools will have a great impact on both family life and the children’s learning.

In order to try and encourage the children to continue with their learning at home during this time I would suggest the following topics/learning areas that can be revised over the next two weeks.


Word of the Day – here is a list of the next 10 words that the children will be learning: oblivious, shirk, judiciously, nomadic, exuberant, trivial, yearling & liquidate.

  • The children should write the word, look up the meaning of the word using a dictionary and put the word in the sentence.  The main idea of this task is that the children should understand the word and be able to tell you how to use it in the correct way.  Feel free to provide additional words for them as you like or perhaps challenge them to write a paragraph using more than one word.
  • Comprehension (photos below) The Curious Case of Lambert Simnel, Man on a Wire, The Tennis Court, Vermeer A Dutch Master & Spaghetti alla Puttanesca – the children should answer in full sentences. 

Allow your child to read the text and then ask them a few questions to see if they have understood.  Encourage them to use a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words (perhaps these could become their extra ‘word of the day’).

  • Grammar – Tests attached below for completed grammar topics this year
  • Writing – Free writing – this is a writing activity which can really take any form possible e.g. comic strip, poem, story, diary, newspaper article, play, etc.: children could possibly write a personal daily diary based on what they’re getting up to in their time away from school. This could of course be fiction if the children are feeling especially creative.
  • Narrative – I think this is probably the easiest genre to stick with but it’s totally up to yourselves.  You could perhaps give some ideas for titles for pieces of writing or opening sentences??  Again you may need to add a short blurb about what you are looking for (drafting/redrafting for senior pupils?).
  • Poetryhttps://readdonegal.com/hopscotch-in-the-sky-resources/ this is the link where you can download the link to this year’s Read DL poetry book Hopscotch in the Sky. I would suggest reading through some of the poetry in this book with your child and discussing the poems they like most of all and why. In class we’ve been writing haikus – the children could take some time outside and find something that inspires them to write some at home. Remember the 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second line and then back to five again for the final line.
  • Reading – Continue with your own choice reading. Usually we would do 15mins each evening for home but we’d obviously have been reading during the school on top of that. Feel free to find an agreed minimum amount that works for your situation.
  • Maths – these are the concepts that the children have learned to date……

Please revise the following chapters and choose some activities from them:

  1. Place Value
  2. Addition and Subtraction
  3. Data 1
  4. Multiplication 1
  5. Lines and Angles
  6. Division 1
  7. Fractions 1
  8. Fractions 2
  9. Decimals
  10. Length
  11. Fractions, Decimals & Percentages 1
  12. Time
  13. Weight
  14. Money

I will set activities based on these topics for the children on Mathletics to complete over the coming days. I can only set a limited amount at a time – as your child completes these I will be able to set more.

Gaeilge – This week we’ll focus our attention on Chapter 1 Mo Chlann in the Bun go Barr 6. Next week we’ll then look at Chapter 2 Ag an Margadh. I would also suggest that the children could spend some time watching the some of the tv programs on TG4. If you use their website you’ll find quite a variety of children’s programs that you can choose from to suit differing interests.

SESE – Atlas Hunt: For the week that’s in it I’m going to suggest taking a closer look at Ireland. Look to focus your attention on rivers, lakes, islands, headlands, bays and inlets. I suggest finishing up the week with a mini-project on Ireland focusing in on A County of your choice looking at 12 of it’s physical features, crest, province, neighbouring counties, Irish name & meaning, tourist attractions, GAA kit, car licence plates and any other information of interest to you based on your chosen county.

Art – I sent everyone home on Thursday with some animal artwork. I’d like you to try and find any possible information on the Irish artist responsible for these pieces. He goes by the name DanLeo – when we return to school I’ll have a small prize for anyone who has put in extra effort into finding out about Dan. You might even be able to make contact with the artist himself. I look forward to hearing about your success with this as I’ve a special planned project for us to look in connection with Dan towards the end of the school year which may present an opportunity for you to leave a positive lasting impression on LETNS long after you leave us…

Learn Together – this month we had begun and we’re planning on continuing learning about ageism (prejudice/discrimination shown towards a person based on their age)in the modern world. This is a good opportunity to discuss and research the presence and effects of ageism in Ireland

Below you will find useful suggestions of educational websites/links to take a look at:

  1. Twinkl.ie
  2. Mathletics.com
  3. Literacyshed.com
  4. Muinteoirvalerie.com

Take care, Mervyn.