4th Class Work for Home :)

Dear Parents/Guardians of 4th class,

We are aware that the coming weeks will be difficult for us all and are especially conscious that the closure of schools will have a great impact on both family life and the children’s learning.

In order to try and encourage the children to continue with their learning at home during this time I would suggest the following topics/learning areas that can be revised over the next two weeks (attached above).

To my wonderful 4th class students,

Do you remember what we agreed upon in class on Thursday? ‘do your best’ with your school work and ‘stay safe’ with your family 🙂

Enjoy your quiet time when doing your school work and don’t worry about how much or how little you get completed. I look forward to seeing some of your school work in your new copies, artwork, projects and stories when we return to school. Keep looking back on ‘The Perfect Page’

Remember to get lots of playtime and fresh air with your family when possible!

I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Take care, Maria