Senior Infants- Thursday 19th March

Hi Senior Infants,

It’s Barbara here today, just checking in to see how you all are! I hope you are enjoying spending time with the people you love. I went for a nice walk by the seaside yesterday with my dog Benji. It was great to get some fresh air! I saved a little video so you could see what it was like!

 It made me feel calm, a little bit like when we practice our mindful moments together in class! Senior infants practice mindfulness activities in class most days. We start with 1 minute on Mondays and add an extra minute on each day of the week. By Friday, we are able to practice 5 1 minute mindful moments. Why don’t you give them a go at home! Here is the link to the ‘mindful moments’ by Kira Willey which we have been doing at school.

I’m also sharing with you my favourite story all about mindfulness! I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Chat soon! Barbara x