Fun Friday

Happy Friday to all our lovely Junior Infants. We were so excited when we woke up this morning to see the lovely sunshine. We have planned some fun activities for you to do today feel free to complete these activities outdoors if possible.

Write your name using cursive handwriting and then challenge yourself to do these activities and spell your name through exercise!


Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday, here is a link with some nice Mother’s Day art activities if you would like to choose one to complete!

As stated in previous post we are only suggesting activities for you to do with your child. We’re so proud of all our Junior Infants and hope that everyone is looking after each other. We are all missing the routine of school life and hope that our routine tips are helping at this difficult time.

Home Activities! Colour in all the ones you get done!

Bake a cake Play I Spy
Sort your toys by size
Make up a quiz
Paint something
Pair your socks
Blow some bubbles
Sing the alphabet song
Make up a new game. Use your imagination.
Keep a diary
Take a GoNoodle break (
Practise counting groups of objects (Juniors – up to 10, Seniors – up to 20)
Roll 2 dice. Add the numbers together
Investigate! Do your toys float or sink?
Do a jigsaw
Watch something on Cúla4/ TG4
Play Snap or another card game
Go on a shape hunt! Find circles, squares, rectangles, triangles
Help to make lunch or dinner
Make some patterns
Spend some time outside every day
Build something!
Design a new cover for your favourite book
Write a shopping list
Play Snakes and Ladders (or another game)
Sort your toys by colour
Read something every day
Hide something and make a treasure map to find it.
Draw your favourite animal
Make some junk art
Find something longer/ shorter than you/ your arm/
Play with water. How many cups does it take to fill the pot? Which one holds more/ less?
Go colouring!
Talk about which months your family have birthdays
Clean your bedroom
Play with some play dough
Make your bed
Plant some seeds
Make your own book
Play shop with money (up to 5c for Juniors, up to 10/20c for Seniors)
Do some rainbow writing of words that you know
Pick up ten toys and put them away
Play in the garden
Fold your clothes
Practise writing the names of the people in your family
Practise tying your laces
Cut something out
Read a story to your sibling/ pet
Build a fort!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, let’s hope the sun keeps shinning.