Happy Friday Senior Infants

Happy Friday everyone! Look at that beautiful day outside!

We hope you’ve had a nice week of learning at home. We’ve had to take a break from learning in our house as the dreaded chicken pox have arrived. Instead we’re having lots of fun playing with lego and making tracks for our cars out of cardboard and black tape.It’s nice to spend some time at home together. I hope you are enjoying all the family time too.

Here’s a look at what we made.

As Mother’s Day is this Sunday the 22nd we thought it might be nice if you created a nice card or piece of art to show the Mammies/Grannies and Aunties how much you care for them and to thank them for all they do for you.

You can simply draw a picture of them,write about why you love them so much or here are some ideas of things you could make.

We hope you have fun with this and remember:

Have a well deserved rest this weekend everyone and we will talk to you again on Monday.
Look after each other.