Good Morning Seniors

Welcome back girls and boys. How are you all feeling today? I bet you are all missing your friends. We certainly miss you.

On a Monday in Senior Infants we always write our news about the weekend. To keep a little bit of routine going we thought it would be good if you could use your blank copy to write-

Where you went? (beach,park,stayed at home)

Who did you go/stay with? (family,brother/sister)

What did you do? (went for a walk/played a game/watched tv)

You can also think about other question words like When and Why?

Remember when doing your writing to keep it neat,leave spaces/make sure that your small letters are small,tall letters are tall and that your fall letters fall. And remember capital letters and full stops.

We always encourage the children to say the words slowly to hear all the sounds in tricky words and your dolch word book will also help with some difficult words.

Parents,this is just a suggestion. Feel free to pick and choose from any suggestions here as I know things are busy at home too.

Also,until the 24th this phonics and reading app is available free to Apple and 99c for Google. Its a great fun little app that aids with literacy and children love making their own monsters along the way.

After all that it’s time to move and count to this song. Enjoy!

Have a lovely day.

Ciara and Barbara