It’s Wednesday 4th Class :)

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Hello 4th class! I hope you are all enjoying your time with your families? It has not stopped raining this morning where I live. We will all just have to get our rain coats on to go for our walks.

Remember to share your umbrella! lol

Have you been able to spend some time doing school work? I hope you didn’t find any of the revision too tricky? Have you been helping out more with chores at home or maybe playing with a younger sibling more to help the adults in your house? 🙂 I hope you are all still enjoying your reading time of your book at home. I can’t wait to talk to you all again to hear how you are all doing.

Do you think you solved yesterday’s brainteaser? Ans: the letter M

Here’s Wednesday’s challenge!

Which tire doesn’t move when the car turns right?

I will post the answer tomorrow!

I had fun following this video of how to draw a puppy! It reminds me of all the cute drawings you guys do in class! Give it a go-just for the fun 🙂

Have a lovely Wednesday.