Senior Infants-Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning Senior Infants,

I hope you are all well today! I went for a long drive yesterday to see some of our wonderful scenery around Donegal. What have you been doing to stay busy?  For today, we’re back with some more maths activities kindly passed onto us from Róisín!

Being able to partition (take apart) and combine numbers is an important skill that enables our children to mentally add numbers quicker and easier.

Some children find it difficult to visualise the number, therefore, it’s important they get lots of practice doing this using fingers & concrete materials, these materials can be anything you have at home for e.g. pegs/pasta /buttons, etc.

In order to form a good basis, we should ensure that our children know the facts for partitioning & combining numbers to five (4+1/3+2) and ten (9+1,8+2,7+3,6+4.5+5)

If your child is confident with number bonds of 5 and 10, why not challenge them further with some bigger numbers!

Below are some links to games & activities you can try at home with your children.

I’m also including a little bit of Gaeilge for today. I have included a story as Gaeilge and some interactive resources based on the vocabulary used in the story. Finally, there is a song, which I think a lot of you will already know in English!! (Scéal) (Cluiche) (Amhrán)

Again please remember to complete only what is manageable for you and your child at this time.

Bainigí sult as! Slán go fóill!

Barbara & Ciara.