Good Morning 2nd Class 26.3.20

Happy Thursday, nearly the weekend again.  I hope you got a chance to look through some of the websites I uploaded for you yesterday. There are lots of revision activities that you could revise to keep you busy at home so if you didn’t get time yesterday to look through them have a little look today. Please remember children that you must keep practising your English and Gaeilge reading every day, it’s so important!

The answer to Tuesday’s riddle was…..a pea!  That was a tricky one, well done everyone!!

Are you ready for today’s riddle? It’s a tricky one again, little hint the number is below 12.

Q: I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?

Daily Challenge

Have you got playing cards at home? Can you teach someone at home how to play some of the card games we learned in class; snap, the memory game or

21: remember each person starts off with 2 cards,

Your aim is to get as close to 21 as you can,

When it’s your turn you can take a card from the deck if you are far away from 21 (e.g. 5+4)

Or you can stick, if you are close to 21 (e.g. jack+king)

If you take a card from the deck and go over 21 then you’re bust (e.g. 8+7+9)

If everyone sticks, then everyone shows their cards and the closest to 21 is the winner.

(Jack, queen + king =10, ace= 1 or 11 you choose)

Hope you have lots of fun teaching these games to your family

Missing you all