Time to Move Senior Infants!

Good morning Senior Infants. How are you all today? It’s hard being stuck at home all day isn’t is? I hope you’re still managing to get some exercise to keep your body and mind healthy. I’m really missing doing P.E with you all so let’s try some activities online instead.

First lets try 10@10. 

Take a rest if you need it and then give these favourites from Gonoodle a go:

And now for some free styling!

In January we were learning about Pulse in music.Pulse is what makes us clap along and tap our feet to music.When we dance to music, the pulse is the thing we move to. There was one song in particular that we worked up a sweat to so why don’t you:

  • Listen to the song
  • Decide if it has a strong pulse or not (can we tap our toes easily?)
  • Try to clap or dance along

I hope you enjoyed that.Take a big drink as I’m sure you need it after all of that. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Take care,

Ciara and Barbara