Virtual Ks – 1st of May

Active HOME Week

Thanks to Geraldine Mc Laughlin (Senior Donegal ladies Football Captain) for making the draw for the Virtual K’s – 1st of May Challenge.

Huge congratulations to Charlie Meagher (1st Class) winner of our draw. Thanks so much to everyone who took part. It was fantastic to see all your lovely pictures. we miss you so much!

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We had a fantastic response from our school community and received a huge amount of photos of you all participating in various activities as part of our Virtual Ks challenge. We have collated some of the photos today. It is really lovely to see all your faces. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did. Enjoy! Stay safe and stay connected. We miss you.


Don’t forget to join us for Virtual Ks on the 1st of May!

Get Active Week takes place every April and it is a really enjoyable part of the school year for many children. This year, because of COVID-19 it is not possible for this to go ahead in school so we are asking the school community to participate in Active HOME week.

Some of the LETNS gang were busy at the weekend staying apart but working together! We want you all to do the same….join us on Friday 1st of May for our new initiative – Virtual Ks on the 1st of May. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Find lots of resources and ideas on the Active Home Week link!