Community Week with Letterkenny Educate Together National School

15th – 19th June 2020

All of us at Letterkenny Educate Together NS are so lucky to be part of a wonderful local community.  Many members of our community are involved in making our school the special place that it is and sharing their talents so that our pupils can experience lots of different activities. 

As part of our Sports Day activities some of these community members generously give their time to come to our school and do activities with the children.  This year we decided to ask our volunteers to get involved in a different way!!

So we are very excited to have members of our community help us stay active and fit in the lead up to our Virtual Sports Day.  Although we’re apart we can still have fun and take part in these activities with our families. With the easing of restrictions now and being able to travel to different locations you can watch these videos anywhere and have a go! We have laid them out daily but feel free to do them whatever way works best for you. Have fun and make sure to update your teacher through Seesaw on how you’re getting on!

Movement Monday

Jujitsu with Shane

Shane is a parent in our school and has been actively involved in our school community through the years. Watch Shane’s video and have fun attempting some of his Jujitsu skills.

Try It Tuesday!

G.A.A. skills with Jim and Geraldine

 Jim has been coming to our school for many years and has taught every child in school this year the basic skills of G.A.A. Geraldine is the Donegal Ladies captain. Watch Jim’s videos and enjoy their challenges.

Rugby with Kevin

Kevin is a member of Letterkenny Rugby Club and has been involved in teaching children from 2nd Class – 6th Class the basic skills in Rugby. See if you can complete his challenges, have fun!

Work It Wednesday

Circuits with Declan

Declan works in Donegal physiotherapy.  He is an S&C coach and works with lots of different athletes. He has supported many school fundraisers over the years and is always keen to help out when he can. Enjoy the challenges he has set for you in the video below.

Dancing Thursday

Move It with Sarah-Marie

Sarah-Marie is another active member in our school community. She has taught lots of children various dance moves down through the years she is also very supportive of any fundraisers we have in school. Enjoy!

Happy Friday

Yoga with Jaqueline

Jaqueline is a parent in our school and she teaches yoga and meditation in the local community. See if you are flexible enough to do some of these moves and feel super relaxed after it.

Thank you to the various members of our community for making our community week possible. We hope you have lots of fun this week and that you’re getting ready for Virtual Sports Day. This year, because we can’t do our annual World Cup final or the big game against the teachers we’ve decided to do a ‘beat the Teacher Challenge’. Stay tuned next week for this.

Have a lovely weekend all.