November Fun

What a fast month that was! I can’t believe we are in our last month of term 1. I have created a little video to give you an insight into all the learning fun that occurred during the month of November. In PE the class had great fun trying out new gymnastic exercises , you’ll see plenty of jumps, rolls and tumbles in our video :o) In Math’s we focused on the number 4 and 5 and also on shapes such as triangles, rectangles and squares. we had a great adventure on our shape hunt around the school. It was so much fun. We also created 2d shapes with match sticks and marshmallows. We loved eating the Marshmallows after. In learn together we focused on Diwali as this occurred on November 14th this year. We learned all about the festival and created a lovely display. In Art in November we did lots of work on the artist ‘Wassily Kandinsky’ – have a look at our masterpieces!! Finally for Science week ( 8th – 15th November ) we tried out some really interesting experiments . We had great fun jumping on the table trying to burst balloons, it was impossible to bust them!! We hope you like our video, as they say time flies when you’re having fun and that was definitely the case this month!!