New year fun in January

We have had so much fun already this year and January has been action packed with lots of learning and play. Have a look at our video to see all the exciting activities we have been doing. 

Here is a snippet of some of the learning that took part in January:

Golden Time: We were waiting on snow so that we could wrap up warm and cosy and spend an exciting time in the snow but we didn’t get any in January so we decided to get creative and have our very own snowball fight in the hall for golden time, it was so much fun that we did it two weeks in a row.

English: We are working on Write To Read as our school has been selected to participate in an exciting new programme called ‘Write to Read’.  The children have really enjoyed the write to read programme so far and we look forward to sharing our shared writing pieces with you all soon.

SESE: This month we have learned all about where milk comes from and what we can make from milk, have a look at our video to see if you can make out what we made. We had so much fun pretending to milk cows using our creative udders have a look at our video.

Check back soon to hear about more fun in Nakita’s Class. We can’t wait to tell you!