Back to School Guide – 2020


We are delighted to have you all back at school. Well done to all the children and adults in our school community for making our return to school go so smoothly. Thank you for working together with us to ensure everyone’s safety.

The HSE is continuously updating their information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 – Advice for parents from the HSE – Schools are back and the winter season is ahead of us. Every year, school children get colds, flu and other infections. This time, coronavirus (COVID-19) is with us. Here is a guide on what symptoms to look out for and what to do if your child is unwell.


We are looking forward to welcoming all our pupils back on Thursday 27th August as we begin another busy school year.  We all know that our ‘Work Together’ rule will be even more important this year as we aim to ensure that our school is a safe and happy environment for the children.

We will be updating this page with information and videos over the coming days and weeks.

Responsibility for keeping our school ‘Covid’ free lies with each of us.  As a school we have an important role to play in this but we will need the help and support of our entire school community.  As we open, we will be relying on the full commitment of the school staff and Board of Management to re-engage children with in-school learning, and on the goodwill and patience of the parent body to assist us in navigating the weeks ahead.  All processes and procedures will be kept under constant review and amended as necessary, especially in line with Public Health Advice.  Our main tools in the fight against Covid 19 are to maximise distance and to minimise contact.

Parental involvement has always played a central role here at Letterkenny Educate Together NS and this has not changed.  However, this year parental involvement will look a little different.  This year, we are asking parents to become involved by:

  • staying at home if your child or member of the household is unwell,
  • ensuring that the children are supported to use the proper hygiene etiquette,
  • understanding how to wash their hands properly (and why it is important),
  • conforming to new measures in place.

Useful Websites

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