Our Logo

The new logo for Letterkenny Educate Together National School was developed by the pupils in 2010.

All of the our designs were reviewed, and the final logo is a combination of many ideas, drawings and symbols which we feel represent our school.

Here is a description of the logo, its elements and what it means to us:

 The book in the background is symbolic of education and learning – the core element of our school

The branch/tree represents growth and nurture.

The four leaves on the tree represent the ethos of our school (The four principles – Multi-denominational,

Co-educational, Children centred, Democratically run). 

The butterfly garden is a big feature in a lot of our artwork on this project. We had great fun drawing the butterflies.

The butterfly, a beautiful creature, symbolises positive transformation and development thoroughout our years at Letterkenny Educate Together National School.

We hope our time at the school will ensure that we blossom and grow, and like the butterfly, become colourful, confident, mature and proud individuals.


Our High 5 rules are very important to us and we are proud to use them as a guide during every school day and beyond. The hand is a reminder of these important High 5 rules.

Come to School

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Do your best

Work Together

Finally, we have the circle, which holds many meanings for our school – inclusion, circle-time, child-centred, sport (football, basketball etc…), continuous improvement, lifelong learning, the world and its many cultures.

The logo will be used on all school communications and signage.  Underneath the school name which will appear to the right of the logo in such communications and signage is the phrase “ag fas le cheile, ag foghlaim le cheile” (growing together, learning together)