Operation Transformation – Week 6 – Well being

Operation Transformation – Week 6 – Well being (12th February – 14th February)

Operation Transformation at Letterkenny ETNS

We are the Sports Council at Letterkenny Educate Together National School and we represent our National School in all things sporty.

In this, our final blog, we will be summarising our experience of the Operation Transformation Challenge. Our motto Healthy, Happy, Learn was evident around school for the last 6 weeks and it will continue to be our motto as we move forward in our new school!

Week 6: Wellbeing

We can’t believe we finished our Operation Transformation initiative in school today! L We would just like to recap on our last 6 weeks: week 1 – exercise, week 2 – nutrition, week 3 – mental health, week 4 – fun, week 5 – teamwork and week 6 – well-being. We are truly exhausted but extremely happy and thankful for everything we experienced with Operation Transformation in our school. We gathered lots of feedback this week from our surveys which were completed by the children, staff and family members. They told us what they liked best about O.T. and also if there was anything we could improve on. Luckily, we had nothing but positive feedback so it’s very possible Operation Transformation could be back next year! (We have our fingers and toes crossed!)


We had our closing ceremony today to celebrate our achievements over the last 6 weeks and we invited our visitors back to join us for this celebration. We watched a video showing lots of lovely pictures of all the things we enjoyed doing. We (Sports Council) did a talk all about our favourite memories. All of our visitors were presented with certificates and they got a big clap from us as well. We want to say a big thanks to the guests who came into help us and also a huge thank you to Lisa, Rachel, Nakita and Clíona who came up with the idea in a car on the way to a course in Dublin! We hope you have enjoyed following our weekly blog as much as we have enjoyed writing it!

Letterkenny Educate Together N.S. Sports Council


Student Opinions:

“You can be healthy easily by just playing outside”

“This was the funnest time I’ve ever had in school”

“I found out what burpees are!”

“I found the Sushi making helpful in case I want to make it sometime”