Ciara’s class-Aistear/Junk Art and Marshmallow Cubes

We’ve been very busy for the last few weeks in Ciara’s class.
We have enjoyed exploring some of the new junk art materials we received and in teams we created houses,tanks,butterflies and flags. We’re a really creative bunch and made some great pieces.
We’ve been learning about 3D shapes and we made clay sphere aliens and we worked with our partner to create marshmallow cubes. We did a great job.
We’ve also introduced the Bee Bot to our class and we’ve been learning how to programme him to find the correct Dolch words. Its difficult to programme him at first but we’re fast learners!
In SESE we have been discussing a trip to the doctor and the hospital. We loved pretending to be doctors,nurses and patients. We played with all the People who help us small world toys and we even drew around our friends and gave them chicken pox! We also learned lots of new vocabulary through the Hospital Bingo game.
In Gaeilge we were learning about Eadai so we set up a clothes shop and learned how to wash clothes in our Aistear time. We had lots of fun making our classroom really wet!!
Have a look at our video to see all the fun and learning happening in our class.