Welcome to First Class


Welcome To 1st Class With Louise


We have been learning some new songs with Máire. We love when she visits our class on a Tuesday. It’s brilliant practice for us as we get to sing along with the guitar. Thank you so much Máire for sharing in our learning.


For art this week, we read the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We then used oil pastels and paint to create giraffe pictures. We are looking forward to gathering some information on them for report writing.

Learn Together

Last week we focused on the moral and spirituality strand of the Learn Together curriculum. We spent some time doing relaxation activities such as meditation and cosmic yoga. We learned that it’s important to take some time out of our busy routines, to clear our heads and of course have some fun!



This month we are learning all about light in science. We have been focusing on sources of light this week. Did you know that the moon gives us light because the sun reflects off it?! For art we decided to create shadow pictures using different coloured paper. We learned that another name for shadow is silhouette. It was a tricky job! We all agreed that the cutting was a little  difficult but we tried our best.


Breaking News!!!

Every Monday, we write our news. It’s good to practice our handwriting, capital letters and full stops. We also love sharing the fun things we do at the weekends. Each week, one group works on the ipad to create a story using Newsbooth or Toontastic. We thought we would share one of the news bulletins with you!


Fancy Dress

Halloween Art

The midterm break is fast approaching, as is Halloween. This week we used our lunch bags to make some friendly ghosts!!! It was lots of fun! They look great hanging up in our classroom. Watch the video below….we’re sure you’ll agree!

Save Our World

It’s very important to look after our environment. We learned many ways of taking care of it and also looked at the ways we can do little things to save energy and preserve our world for future generations. We worked with a partner to create a poster. These posters had tips to help others protect our environment.



Autumn has brought many changes … shorter evenings, cooler weather and the leaves beginning to change colour on the trees. We’ve been at it again….recycling!!! This time we used our lunch bags to create autumn trees. We used different coloured crepe paper to represent the leaves on the trees! They were a great addition to our village! Click on the link to see!!!


We have been learning all about colour. The primary colours are yellow, red and blue. We learned that if these were the only colours we had, we could create more by mixing them together. We worked really well with each other to do so. Louise gave us the primary colours and we used them to make purple, green and orange. We used them to paint the colour wheel. It was very interesting! 🙂


We have been learning all about homes in Geography. There are lots of different types of homes. We decided to recycle our lunch bags and create our own houses. We hope you like them.